China's Dams

Water power everywhere: China building another world-class hydropower station

China Online
March 30, 2006

In the pattern of the Longtan Power Station and the Three Gorges Power Station, China is set to start building another world-class hydropower station before the end of this year – the Xiaowan Power Station at Lancang River in Yunnan province.

The Xiaowan Power Station is the third-largest hydropower project after the Three Gorges Power Station at the Yangtze River and the Longtan Power Station in the Guangxi Autonomous Region. It will be the third terraced-hydropower station built along the Lancang River, reported the Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao of April 11. Bordering on Nanjian county of the Dali prefecture and Fengdu county of Lincang district in Yunnan province, the Xiaowan Power Station has been designed to have an electric generator installation capacity of 4.2 million kilowatts. It will be equipped with six electric generators, each possessing a generating capacity of 700,000 kilowatts. The construction of the Xiaowan Power Station will involve an investment of 21.3 billion yuan (US$2.57 billion).

Other hydropower stations: Also along the Lancang River, China has built the Manwan Power Station that has a 1.5-million-kilowatt electric-generating capacity. Additionally, construction is under way for the Dachaoshan Power Station that will have a generating capacity of 1.35 million kilowatts. Starting in 2001, China plans to build six more large hydropower stations along the Lancang River, which will complete a power network that consists of eight terraced-hydropower stations. Their combined electric-generating capacities will reach 15.55 million kilowatts, the article said. The State Power Corp. of China and three investing companies in Yunnan province jointly established the Lancang River Water and Power Resource Development Corp. in March. It is responsible for the planning, development and management of the water and power resources of the Lancang River. Longtan Power Station, to be built along Guangxi’s Hongshui River, will be second in size after the Three Gorges Dam but will require far fewer people to be relocated, officials say.

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