Punish corrupt

Transparency International senior advisor Augustine Ruzindana has urged government to institute sustainable ways of punishing corrupt officials.

“We have all the laws to check on corruption but they are not followed. Officers are sacked today and they get new appointments the next day”, Ruzindana said.

He said Uganda has been applauded and won recognition in Africa for making tough policies, but these are regrettably not implemented.

He said government should not only popularise the Anti-corruption Action Plan which is not known by the citizens but also stipulate punitive measures for those who go against it.

Ruzindana was speaking during the presentation of the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) by TI researcher Fredrik Galtung at the International Conference Centre Aug. 13.

Minister of state for Ethics and Integrity Miria Matembe said government recognises that corruption exists in Uganda, hence the formation of her ministry.

She said government is determined in fighting corruption through privatisation, decentralisation and strengthening the code of conduct.

Transparency International Uganda Chapter chairperson Wafula Oguttu urged government to revise the laws he described as lopsided in favour of the corrupt.

Sylvester Onyang, The Monitor (Kampala), August 15, 2002

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