China Pollution

Reckless development blamed for fouling of China’s waters

Jehangir S. Pocha
The Boston Globe
September 6, 2000

Kunming, China: The stench from Dian Lake smothers the tiny farming hamlets that dot its shores. Until 2002, the lake supplied drinking water to Kunming, the scenic capital of southern Yunnan Province, and provided a rich bounty for fishermen and a playground for tourists. Now, untreated human sewage and chemical waste have turned the 116-square-mile lake into a toxic cesspool. ”We used to swim here as kids,” Yu Hui Zhen, a local farmer, said as she crinkled her nose and gingerly toed the thick layer of green goop on the surface of the lake. ”Now people are afraid to even step in here.” Dian Lake’s problems are a microcosm of how the environmentally reckless development of China’s provincial cities is devastating the country’s lakes and rivers, activists say. … Read the full story.

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