Three Gorges Probe

The world's biggest hydroelectric project

Patrick Brown
CBC Digital Archives
January 7, 1996

Half a world away from Canada, a hydroelectric project like no other is underway on China’s Yangtze River. Water from the world’s third-longest river will eventually be harnessed by the planet’s largest hydroelectric project, the Three Gorges Dam. A Canadian company financed a study on the viability of the dam long before construction began; a study heavily criticized by Toronto-based advocacy group Probe International. Now, with work underway, more Canadian companies see big opportunities with the project. The CBC’s Patrick Brown reports.

Proponents of the project say it will end devastating seasonal floods, ease transportation challenges and bring clean power to a country that desperately needs it. But the dam will displace one million people from their homes, and opponents say its impact could be disastrous for the environment and precious archaeological sites. Patricia Adams of the environmental group Probe International says Canadian involvement with the Three Gorges project is staining Canada’s reputation.

Watch the video featuring Probe International on CBC’s Digital Archives

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