Three Gorges Probe


(May 31, 1994)

Yangtze! Yangtze! is a collection of Chinese documents debating the Three Gorges project. This English translation is organized in a manner similar to its Chinese predecessor, with interviews, essays and letters to Chinese officials forming distinct sections. But this edition, which is being published after the project has been given the official go-ahead, also reflects the continuing struggle against the dam: 10 new chapters are included here, which both update and expand the material contained in the original Chinese edition.

Part One of the book presents new material about the struggle to publish Yangtze! Yangtze! in China, its subsequent banning, and the vote to pass the Three Gorges project at the 1992 National People’s Congress. Each of the subsequent parts also benefits from new and updated material.

Because each chapter is distinct and capable of standing on its own, some repetition between chapters was unavoidable: To remove such repetition would have compromised the integrity of the arguments which the authors have gone to such pains to convey. Also, because in some cases four years have elapsed between the writing of the newest and oldest chapters, the authors’ data (for example, project budget estimates) has sometimes changed. We present the data in its original form, to reflect the arguments being made at the time.

Except where marked, all footnotes have been written by the editors.

Numerous friends and colleagues have made the publication of this book possible. We would like to thank the World Wildlife Fund for an early translation of Yangtze! Yangtze! which became the basis for this expanded edition. We would also like to thank Lawrence Sullivan, Nancy Liu, and Wu Mei for their tireless translation and extensive editorial assistance on the original manuscript and the new material. Thanks also to Zhang Xiaogang and Sun Yougeng for their translation.

Special thanks to Margaret Barber, who so generously volunteered her time for editing and fact-checking. Her unflagging support and good humor is greatly appreciated. Special thanks also to Lawrence Solomon for his patience and guidance throughout the project.

We would also like to thank those who volunteered their time to help complete the project, especially Peter Gorrie and Norman Houghton for their editorial contributions, Philip Williams for his technical review, and Paul Brooks, for helping with graphic design.

For their timely assistance and encouragement in the many and diverse tasks of book production, we are grateful to Jeffrey Ashizawa, Nancy Hearst, Tanyss Horsley, Robert Paarlberg, Marcia Ryan, and Joan Stabile.

For making the translation and publication of this book possible we would like to thank the Environment and Development Support Program of the Canadian Environmental Network, the Canadian International Development Agency, the Margaret Laurence Fund for the Promotion of Peace and the Environment, and Probe International supporters who donated generously so that the efforts of the Chinese government to keep this book from dam-building professionals and the public would be foiled.

We would also like to acknowledge Jiang Hong and Qian Jiaju for their invaluable contributions, and to honor the memory of Hou Xueyu and Zhou Peiyuan.

Above all we would like to honor Dai Qing and the 40 journalists, scientists, artists, and economists who prepared this book with courage, expertise, and dedication.

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