Three Gorges Probe

Appendix F

(May 31, 1994)


A List of Specialists Whose Views on the Three Gorges Project Differ from Those of the Leading Group for the Assessment of the Three Gorges Project

Approved by the State Council Examination Committee of Experts on May 26, 1993

As reported in the People’s Daily (April 4, 1992):

1. The 28 dissident specialists who were not included in the leading group study (some of them had participated in previous studies, others voiced their opposition opinions on various occasions):

Xu Qiashi: Ex-head of the Water Resources Department of the Zhejiang provincial government. Delegate of the National People’s Congress (NPC).

Huang Wanli: Professor at the Department of Water Resources, Qinghua University.

Wang Yifu: Senior specialist of hydro-electricity. Honorary Member of the National Society of Water Resources and Electric Power.

Zhu Tiezheng: Director of the planning division of the Planning and Design Institute of Water Resources and Electric Power.

Zhu Pengcheng and Jin Yongtang: Senior engineers of the Chengdu Survey and Design Institute of the Ministry of Water Resources and Electric Power.

Lin Yuanti: Chief engineer of the Kunming Survey and Design Institute. Delegate to the NPC.

Hu Shensi and An Shenyi: Senior engineers at the Central China Survey Design Institute.

Zou Siyuan: Chief engineer at the East China Survey and Design Institute.

Lei Kai: Chief engineer of the Electric Power Bureau of the Guangxi provincial government. Delegate to the NPC.

Li Rongmeng: Chief engineer of the Water Resources and Electric Power Department of the Yunnan provincial government. Delegate to the NPC.

Guan Shicong: Academic committee member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Advisor to the Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources. Member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

Guo Fang: Deputy director of the Environmental Science Committee of the CAS.

Chen Guojie: Research Fellow at the Research Institute of Forestry and Soil Conservation of the CAS.

Liu Dongsheng: Environmental specialist at the CAS.

She Zhixiang: Director of the Nanjing Institute of the CAS.

Deng Mingcong: Professor, Chengdu Geology Institute.

Wang Shize and Wang Zongyuan: Professors at the East China Water Resources Institute.

Li Dazhi: Professor of economics at the Southwestern University of Finance and Economy.

Xue Baoding: Research fellow at the Investment Research Institute of the State Planning Commission.

Tian Fang, Lin Fatang, Sun Xufei, and Ling Chunxi: Researchers with the Economic Research Institute of the State Planning Commission.

2. The 19 vice-chairmen, members of the standing committee and members of the CPPCC who held opposition opinions: Zhou Peiyuan, Qian Weichang, Sun Yueqi, Lin Hua, Xu Chi, Peng De, Qiao Peixin, Wang Xingrang, Lei Tianjue, Chen Mingshao, Xu Guangyi, Yan Xinghua, Zhao Weigang, Yu Enying, Yang Hanxi, Wu Jing, Kang Daisha, Guo Weicheng, Guobu Luorunqi, Wu Baoshan.

3. The nine specialists who did not sign on to their subject study reports for the last assessment report of the Three Gorges project: Tan Xiudian, Lu Xinkan, He Gegao, Huang Yuanzhen, Guo Laixi, Cheng Xuemin, Wu Hongzhong, Hou Xueyu, Fang Zondai. (The last two have died.)
Two others, Weng Changfu, the convener of the construction group of the State Council Examination Committee, and Zhang Jinsheng, a member of the same group, refused to sign the report.

4. Another 11 scientists and specialists have voiced opposing views in recent years:

Li Jiasan: Research fellow on the Comprehensive Study Committee of the CAS. (He put forward a proposal in the 1950s to construct some flood-diversion structures in the Jingjiang River region.)

Jin Yongtang: Senior engineer in the Water Resource and Electric Power Research Institute.

Zhang Pan: Vice-general secretary of the Development Research Center of the State Council.

Wei Zhaolin: Ex-deputy director of the State Science and Technology Commission.

Yang Jike: Leader of the Public Interest Party.

Tao Dayong: Leader of the Democratic Federation. Member of the Standing Committee of the NPC.

Qian Sichao: Ex-director of the Fuel and Power Department of the State Planning Commission.

Song Jiliang: Engineer of the Power Society of Shanghai.

Guo Kaiyu: Chengdu Survey and Design Institute.

Liu Peitong: Beijing Normal University.

Shi Deming: Soil Research Institute of Nanjing.

5. At the seventh session of the 1992 NPC, dozens of delegates from Chongqing, and Sichuan, Shangdong and Zhejiang provinces raised opposition opinions on the project. Most of them were scientists and local government officials. Huo Guoben, for example, is a professor specializing in Yellow River planning.

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