Dai Qing and the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony

Celebrated Chinese author and activist Dai Qing has announced that she will attend the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony if the Chinese government doesn’t release the winner, Liu Xiaobo, from prison and his wife, Liu Xia, from house arrest and allow them and other deserving Chinese friends and colleagues to attend. Ms. Dai’s announcement comes after Liu Xia issued an open letter, now widely circulated on the Internet, urging over 140 “dear friends and peers,” including Ms. Dai, to attend the December 10 ceremony in Oslo.

Several parties on the list have been detained, including Liu Xia. Most invitees live in China and have little hope of being able to leave. Ms. Dai happens to be out of the country participating in academic conferences in Canada.

“I shall tell the world that it is not true that no Chinese citizen who fights against authoritarianism will be able to attend the grand ceremony in Oslo. If necessary, I will go there to fulfill my duty to my friend,” she says in her article.

In addition to barring its citizens from attending, the Chinese government has launched an effort to discredit the Nobel Committee and to discourage representatives of foreign governments from attending. It recently sent letters to western ambassadors in Oslo, warning them against attending or even sending congratulatory messages.

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