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Carbon credit rort has to stop

Turns out New Zealanders have been buying carbon credits from the Ukraine. In the wake of the country’s Climate Cheats scandal, Andrew Dickens, for New Zealand’s Newstalk ZB, calls out the Emissions Trading Scheme as “rortable”.


Ukraine’s odious debts

Ukraine’s national news agency, Ukrinform, asked Probe International’s Patricia Adams to weigh in on Ukraine’s multibillion-dollar debt to Russia and whether Ukraine could challenge the enforceability of the US$3 billion Eurobond using an odious debts argument.

Ukraine’s Odious Debts

(April 9, 2014) U.S. economist and columnist Irwin Stelzer draws on the doctrine of odious debts for his most recent opinion piece to suggest Ukrainian citizens repudiate public debt incurred by former regimes that instead of benefiting the people went to fund the “fancies” of the country’s “now-deposed gang of public- and private-sector cronies”.