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As economy booms, China faces major water shortage

(March 16, 2010) A decade ago, China’s leaders gave the go-ahead to a colossal plan to bring more than 8 trillion gallons of water a year from the rivers of central China to the country’s arid north. The project would have erected towering dams, built hundreds of miles of pipelines and tunnels, and created vast reservoirs with a price tag three times that of the giant Three Gorges Dam.

Beijing’s mirage: A water park in a water-starved city

(March 4, 2010) As Beijing’s water crisis continues to worsen, government officials say they intend to transform the city’s famed Olympic Water Cube into a massive water park, featuring seven-story water slides and a wave machine. Operators of the stadium say the project will cost 200-million yuan ($29-million).

Why is the south-north water project being postponed?

(October 1, 2009) Is it the end of the mega-project in China? Tian Lei, from the South Wind Window writes that escalating costs in the South-to-North Water Diversion project are behind the recent delays in its completion. But more importantly, Tian says the days of massive, government-backed projects like the South-to-North Water Diversion project and the Three Gorges dam may be coming to an end.