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No-salt solution for China’s water shortages

(September 9, 2010) Specialists say a ton of desalinated water currently costs between 5 and 7 yuan in China, without including the costs of fixed investments, while water from the South-North project may end up costing more than 10 yuan per ton, writes Luo Jieqi in Caixin Online.

Beijing residents worry their city is running out of water, looking to government for action

(June 5, 2010) Three-quarters of those interviewed in a recent survey about Beijing’s water crisis say that they are concerned about the capital city’s water shortages and that they feel pollution and overexploitation of water are to blame. The survey, commissioned by Friends of Nature, China’s oldest environmental organization, was released in Beijing today, World Environment Day.

City to start progressive charging for water

(March 23, 2010) Beijing will pilot progressive charging for residential water consumption in the first half of this year, according to the Beijing Water Authority. Progressive charging for residential use will work on a quota basis, the Beijing Water Authority said Sunday. A consumption quota will be given to residents, from which anything over the fixed amount will be charged at twice the standard rate.