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A litany of troubles at Three Gorges Dam

To most observers, Chinese officialdom has supported the Three Gorges Dam without fail. But a closer look reveals growing worries about the dam which has become a symbol of all that is wrong with China’s rise. Here we present Chinese officials’ admissions of problems at Three Gorges, from the sensational mea culpas of senior officials to the subtly expressed worries of eminent scientists.

China’s biggest relocation project yet: GlobalPost

A massive forced relocation is underway in Shaanxi: 3 million residents – double the number displaced by the Three Gorges Dam – will be moved from mountains and farming villages, in part, to make way for China’s South-North Water Diversion Project, reports Kathleen E. McLaughlin at GlobalPost. Migrants don’t even get full compensation for their lost homes. Instead, they’re only given about 10% of the cost – and forced to make up the rest by taking out government loans.

Dai Qing: On The Completion of the Three Gorges Project

(April 7, 2011) Dai Qing, Chinese investigative journalist and Probe International Fellow, delivered the following speech about the Three Gorges Dam project in November 2010 while on a speaking tour in British Columbia, Canada. In her address, she reports that the problems predicted by dam critics published in her books, “Yangtze! Yangtze!” and “The River Dragon Has Come!,” are now coming true.

Establishment of Zigui GPS-CR Landslide Monitoring Network in the Three Gorge reservoir area

(April 26, 2008) To apply INSAR observation technique to the Three Gorge Reservoir’s landslide monitoring, we’ve installed 10 corner reflectors on the landslide within Zigui county of the Three Gorge Reservoir area, meanwhile, set up GPS observation point, preliminarily forming GPS-CR landslide monitoring network. This paper of both INSAR observation technique and GPS observation technique in landslide monitoring researches.

Landslide hazard monitoring in China with an example from the Baota landslide, three gorges area

(2006) The purposes of landslide monitoring are applied to analysis, forecasting and control of landslide. The indicators in landslide monitoring include the geological indicators, ground displacement indicators, indicators of displacement in borehole, ground water indicators (pore pressure, ground water table, ground water chemistry), induced factor indicators (weather, human activity), geophysical indicators and geochemical indicators. The techniques in landslide monitoring include extensometer of ground fissures, inclinometer in borehole, global position system, remote sensing and integrated real time monitoring system. A case study of Baota landslide in the enclosed landscape of the three gorges projects of Yangtze river is detailed in this paper.