Dams and Earthquakes

Landslide hazard monitoring in China with an example from the Baota landslide, three gorges area

(2006) The purposes of landslide monitoring are applied to analysis, forecasting and control of landslide. The indicators in landslide monitoring include the geological indicators, ground displacement indicators, indicators of displacement in borehole, ground water indicators (pore pressure, ground water table, ground water chemistry), induced factor indicators (weather, human activity), geophysical indicators and geochemical indicators. The techniques in landslide monitoring include extensometer of ground fissures, inclinometer in borehole, global position system, remote sensing and integrated real time monitoring system. A case study of Baota landslide in the enclosed landscape of the three gorges projects of Yangtze river is detailed in this paper.

Read full report here

Pinggen Zhou, China Institute of Geo-Environmental Monitoring, Ministry of Land and Resources, IAEG2006 Paper number 806

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