Tag: Induced seismicity

Controversial Zipingpu dam may have caused China’s deadly earthquake, says Chinese geologist Fan Xiao

(June 10, 2008) The chief engineer of the Regional Geology Investigation Team of the Sichuan Geology and Mineral Bureau talks about the possibility that the Zipingpu dam induced China’s deadly May 12 earthquake.

U.S. expert echoes Chinese concerns about dam-induced earthquakes

(June 5, 2008) U.S. engineer Dr. Philip Williams has added his voice to concerns expressed by a Chinese expert that the Zipingpu reservoir, now cracked and damaged as a result of China’s devastating May 12 earthquake, could actually have induced the earthquake.

China fights quake lakes

(May 29, 2008) About 160,000 people are being relocated and the government may have to evacuate as many as 1.3 million after landslides caused by the May 12 quake blocked rivers, creating 35 lakes, reported Bloomberg. Some of them are threatening to burst their banks.

China’s quake: the dam factor

(May 20, 2008) A foreign service correspondent for the San Francicso Chronicle quotes Probe International’s Patricia Adams in a story linking China’s devastating earthquake to speculation that the country’s enormous Three Gorges dam “was a factor in causing the killer Sichuan province quake.”

China’s deadly earthquake: Was the Three Gorges reservoir a trigger?

(May 14, 2008) The world’s earthquake experts have identified tectonic plate movements as the cause of this week’s earthquake in southwestern China. But the question now is did the filling of the massive Three Gorges reservoir, which reaches the southeastern part of the Sichuan Basin, trigger seismic activity in what has always been an earthquake-prone region?