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Beijing residents worry their city is running out of water, looking to government for action

(June 5, 2010) Three-quarters of those interviewed in a recent survey about Beijing’s water crisis say that they are concerned about the capital city’s water shortages and that they feel pollution and overexploitation of water are to blame. The survey, commissioned by Friends of Nature, China’s oldest environmental organization, was released in Beijing today, World Environment Day.

Beijing Olympics taking water from the countryside

(July 9, 2008) “The 500,000 foreign visitors expected to visit Beijing will certainly get to see some beautiful waterworks, such as the largest fountain in the world in Shunyi. No problem! But the question is: what will happen after the Games? How will people cope?” asks journalist Dai Qing.

Reservoirs of repression: Part One

[This article was written by Three Gorges Probe (English) editor Kelly Haggart and social scientist Yang Chongqing for China Rights Forum. The journal is published by Human Rights in China, a non-government organization formed in 1989 by scientists and scholars ‘to promote universally recognized human rights and advance the institutional protection of these rights in China.’]