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Beijing’s Water Crisis: 1949-2008 Olympics with 2010 Update

(June 26, 2008) Beijing’s policy of draining surrounding regions to ease water shortages in the ancient capital is akin to "quenching thirst by drinking poison," according to a new report by Probe International’s Beijing-based researchers. Now with a 2010 Update.

Where will Beijing get its drinking water?

(August 2, 2007) An article by Science Times reporter Yi Yongyong based on a recent talk by Chinese environmentalist Wang Jian takes us through some of the water supply problems facing Beijing. Starting from the city’s pre-PRC history and moving through the half-century since, he brings us up to the present situation and speculates on the future. He focuses on two of the largest reservoirs that have until recently been among Beijing’s primary sources.

Overpopulated Beijing facing water crisis

(December 12, 2006) The authorized government portal site to China, http://www.china.org.cn reports that “the water shortage in China’s capital is set to reach crisis point in 2010, when the population is expected to top 17 million — at least three million more than its resources can feed.” The article goes on to say that “the ceiling on Beijing’s population, set by the central government in 2004, is 18 million in 2020….One approach to cap the city’s population is [sic] relocate some people.”