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China’s water crisis: Beijing’s crippling water shortage and the unfolding tragedy of the Three Gorges Dam

(November 3, 2010) Dai Qing, a Probe International fellow, leading Chinese activist and journalist will be giving a speech at the University of British Columbia on November 9, detailing her battle against the Three Gorges dam and quest to protect the country’s dwindling water supplies.

Beijing Getting Thirsty

(July 8, 2010) ‘Dashengzhuang, in Xihongmen town in Beijing’s Daxing district, has guards at its entrance and people are only allowed in after showing a pass which includes the holder’s name, sex, ethnic background, hometown, occupation, identity card number and mobile phone number. The village is closed between 11pm and 6am.

Before the crisis: When Beijing was rich with water

(July 16, 2010) In “Daxing County’s Water Gone Forever,” the eleventh in a series of oral histories produced by a team of investigative environmental historians and water experts in Beijing and led by China’s prize-winning journalist Dai Qing and Probe International, Li Zhenwe, a former engineer at the water bureau in the Beijing’s southern Daxing County talks about his childhood in one of the county villages where annual floods and a surfeit of water were once an integral part of village life.

Not what you bargained for: China’s massive water scheme delivering polluted goods

(July 12, 2010) While Chinese officials continue to forge ahead with an expensive scheme to move water from the Yangtze river in the south of the country to water-starved cities in the north, fears concerning its cleanliness are surfacing once again. According to a recent report, authorities are concerned over the poor water quality in the eastern leg of the South North Water Diversion project.