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  1. I’ll be presenting a paper/eBook at the Midwestern Conf on Asian Affairs (MCAA), at Michigan State U. (USA) in late October, and maybe also an expanded version thereof at the 12th Int’l. Thai Studies Conf in Sydney next April, entitled, “Mekong Fisheries Greenwash? Retrieving the Pak Mun dam experience from Orwell’s memory hole”, in which the amazing Mun R. Museum quite properly figures large. Some of that material is online already, including interactive virtual reality (VR) panoramas of the defunct, sorry-ass fish ladder, and I’m hoping to soon work with the Assembly of the Poor to get the whole collection, murals, and decor, and architecture up on a dedicated website in Lao/Thai/English, and French, including new oral histories which David Blake and I prepared in March 2013.

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