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Chinese journalist can’t forget nightmare of Tiananmen Square

(April 23, 2004) Looking back and looking forward. It is a preoccupation in China these days. The push forward is seen in the rapid economic reform and expansion that has made the nation with its teeming population the envy of many and a magnet for new investment. But the glance back is always there, too, as the ghosts of Tiananmen Square haunt the nation of 1.3 billion.

Dissident at large

(September 15, 2000) Excerpt from a profile of Dai Qing: … Having been through so much already, where does Dai Qing find the strength to carry on? Dai credits her family and friends at home and abroad, especially her supporters at Toronto-based Probe International, who have had a profound influence on her life, she says.

Dai Qing, Environmentalist, Writer, China (int’l edition)

(June 14, 1999) Dai Qing, 57, the adopted daughter of a famous revolutionary, could have capitalized on her connections to gain power and prestige. Instead, she maintained strong convictions, particularly her opposition to China’s massive Three Gorges Dam project. Now, with China’s leadership acknowledging problems with the dam, the environmental concerns she has long voiced are finally being recognized.