News Coverage About Dai Qing

Environmentalists to fight globalization

Wall Street Journal
May 29, 2006

Article cites Dai Qing, a fellow of Probe International

NOTE: Dai Qing, the Chinese activist and Goldman Environmental Prize Winner mentioned in this article, is a Fellow of Probe International. Ms. Qing supports foreign investment and increased trade, particularly in China, because they empower the public against state monopolies. BERKELEY, Calif.– The corporate world is about to face a new adversary: an organized band of Goldman Environmental Prize recipients. At a reunion here last week, 42 recipients of the prestigious environmental prize agreed to join forces in their fight against what they consider the destructive impacts of economic globalization. They plan, among other things, to set up a council of Goldman recipients that could be deployed into environmental hot spots around the world, to put pressure on local government authorities. They also discussed the possibility of dispatching Goldman recipients to international forums, such as a forthcoming United Nations meeting on sustainable development. “We have a unique opportunity to mobilize our own talents and place them at the disposal of the global community that needs us,” Caribbean activist Atherton Martin, a 1998 Goldman winner, told his comrades in a conference room of the University of California’s Berkeley campus. They were meeting to observe the 10th anniversary of the Goldman prize, which was instituted by philanthropist Richard Goldman and his late wife, Rhoda, to recognize the achievements of grassroots environmental activists around the globe.

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