Category: Dams and Earthquakes

Review of seismic-hazard issues associated with the Auburn Dam project, Sierra Nevada foothills, California

The potential for reservoir-induced seismicity, which is the triggering of earthquakes by the physical processes that accompany the impoundment of large reservoirs, was recognized during the seismic hazard studies for the original Auburn Dam. It remains an important issue for the present project because of the potential to increase the probability of earthquakes near the dam.

Reservoir linked to deadly quake in India – Killari reservoir could have induced Latur earthquake

(April 9, 1994) The earthquake that killed 10,000 people in India last September struck within 15 kilometers of a reservoir filled just 2 years earlier. That proximity in time and space seems more than coincidental to two U.S. seismologists who propose that filling the reservoir may have set off the quake.