Category: Dams and Earthquakes

Bracing for the unknown

(May 14, 2009) Last year’s earthquake in China is a salutary reminder about preparing for risk in the face of uncertainty.

Mounting pressure on Zipingpu dam’s contribution to Wenchuan earthquake

(May 8, 2009) The debate over whether the Zipingpu dam contributed to the severity or timing of last year’s deadly earthquake in China’s Sichuan province continues to attract attention. Fan Xiao, chief engineer of the Regional Geology Investigation Team of the Sichuan Geology and Mineral Bureau, was recently interviewed by Richard Stone for Science magazine.

Major U.S. media report on theory that the deadly Sichuan earthquake was man-made

(February 18, 2009) As speculation has grown over whether the Sichuan earthquake, which killed 80,000 people last May and left more than 5 million people homeless, was triggered by the 315 million tonnes of water held in the Zipingpu dam reservoir, so too has press coverage of that theory. Here, Probe International provides a roundup of what that coverage is saying.