Category: Dams and Earthquakes

Tsunamis in the Mekong River?

(March 26, 2011) The dramatic events following the recent Japanese earthquake, triggering an unprecedented tsunami and a serious nuclear reactor incident at Fukushima points out rather glaringly the adverse impacts arising from natural disasters caused by seismic activities and exacerbated by man-made structures.

After Japan’s Tsunami North East CMs urged to halt construction of dams

(March 18, 2011) North East People’s Alliance, has warned all the decision makers about the lessons to be learnt from the Japan’s Tsunami and earthquake. In a press note issued on March 17, 2011 the Alliance warned that if the constructions of the numbers of dams are not halted, people of north east will face similar situation like that of Japan’s recent natural disaster. North East India sits on the highest earth quake zone 5.

Three Gorges Dam: trigger of severe earthquakes?

(March 2011) The giant structure located in China has already caused more than 3,400 (so far minor) earthquakes. Scientists are now warning that a much bigger disaster could be looming on the horizon. A study by seismologists at the China Earthquake Administration (formerly known as the China Seismological Bureau) indicates that the massive Three Gorges dam on the Yangtze River “significantly increased” seismic activity along the dam’s reservoir.