Category: China’s Dams

Dams damaged in Yushu earthquake

(May 22, 2010) The April 13, 2010 Yushu earthquake damaged three dams on the Batang River, putting one at risk of collapse.

Water brief: Three Gorges Dam

(January 1, 2009) In The World’s Water 2008-2009, the Pacific Institute’s Dr. Gleick examines the usual anticipated benefits of the Three Gorges Dam: power, navigation and flood control and the growing list of problems — serious impacts on fisheries, coastal erosion due to vastly lower sediment flow in the Yangtze, landslides, earthquakes and social unrest due to the displacement of millions of people.

Voith Siemens wins Yangtze hydro contract

(August 20, 2007) International Water Power & Dam Construction reports that Voith Siemens has won a US$120 million electro-mechanical equipment contract for the Jinping II hydro plant on the Yalong river, a major Yangtze tributary in western China. 4800-MW Jinping II is part of a major cascade development by Ertan Hydropower Development Corporation.

Nu River news

(March 6, 2007) The Nu River runs through southwest China’s Yunnan province — and the Three Parallel Rivers National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site — before flowing downstream to Burma and Thailand, where it is known as the Salween. It is Southeast Asia’s last major free-flowing river, but plans are under way to dam it in both China and Burma.