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World Bank management takes over Wolfowitz’s anti-corruption proposal

(September 21, 2006) The World Bank’s shareholder governments struck Bank president Paul Wolfowitz a blow this week after they opted to take control of his flagship anti-corruption strategy rather than allow him the free hand he had hoped for to advance his campaign against graft.

Kenyans want war on graft

(August 18, 2006) A new report by Kenya’s National Anti-Corruption Campaign Steering Committee claims that Kenyans rate corruption as the country’s Number One issue and want President Kibaki to lead the way in the fight against graft – an issue citizens consider even more grave than poverty, unemployment and famine.

Managing globalization: for Africa, high hopes

(July 18, 2006) It is true that corruption represents a huge obstacle to economic and social development in many African countries. And it is true that so-called entrenched networks of socially connected businesspeople and public officials make life very hard for corruption fighters. But there are fresh signs of success in some countries, such as Nigeria and South Africa, and other countries that already enjoy good governance and strong institutions.

Smelling a boomtown rat

(June 27, 2006) This time last year, I spent a fruitless Saturday night touring pubs in Nairobi trying to find a Kenyan who was watching Live 8. There were plenty watching Wimbledon, but no one who had even heard of Bob Geldof. When I explained what was going on in Britain, they replied briskly that pop music was for children – and if you borrow money, you ought to pay it back.