Fight against graft a top priority for most Kenyans

Robin Njogu – Capital FM

August 17, 2006

An overwhelming 96 percent of Kenyans believe that corruption is the most important issue that the country needs to deal with, a new report by a government agency shows.

The report by the National Anti-Corruption Campaign Steering Committee also indicates that the increasing poverty levels, unemployment and famine, respectively take priority after graft.

“Over 70 percent of the population do believe this war can be fought but also over 70 percent believe that President is a single most institution that can take the lead in fight against the corruption,” he said.

The committee’s director Polycarp Ochillo say the report also names the police, civil service and local authorities as the most corrupt institutions in the country.

63 percent of those interviewed also say the government is not committed to the fight against corruption and recommend that corrupt officials should be prosecuted and jailed.

Ochillo also says a majority in the respondents were uncomfortable reporting corruption to government agencies like the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission.

“Citizens are feeling that Parliament and cabinet ministers are not the right people to fight corruption, they mention the judiciary and police who they think handle the issue confidentially,” Ochillo said.

The chairman of the committee Mutava Musyimi says he’s booked an appointment with President Mwai Kibaki to discuss the report before they launch a major nationwide anti-corruption campaign.

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