Category: Export Credit Agencies

Export credit agencies’ graft crackdown stalls

(February 15, 2006) New international anti-bribery guidelines for export credit agencies were due to be agreed in principle early next month. Opposition from Berlin and Tokyo, plus several smaller countries, means the decision will now be delayed by months, if not years, according to officials close to the negotiations, which are taking place in the Paris-based Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Export bribery rules challenged

(February 15, 2006) Tough new guidelinesGermany and Japan have challenged new draft global anti-corruption guidelines for exporting companies, according to documents seen by the BBC. The countries say that rules aimed at improving the transparency of export credit agencies are too bureaucratic.

Jakarta Declaration for reform of Official Export Credit and Investment Insurance Agencies

(June 13, 2000) Over 50 representatives of Indonesian and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and social movements convened in Jakarta and South Sumatra 1-7 May, 2000 for a strategy meeting on official export credit and investment insurance agencies (ECAs). They agreed on the following Declaration, endorsed by 347 NGOs from 45 countries.