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NO NUKES ASIA FORUM: Towards a Sustainable Energy Alternative for the 21st Century

(October 27, 1998) We realize that citizens of the industrialized world have been disillusioned by nuclear power and are successfully rejecting it, and that the industry is dying in most of those countries. It is this vanishing domestic market which has recently driven nuclear interests to step-up their sales pitch to Asian countries.

World Bank Report Says Pak Mun Villagers Complain Too Much

(September 17, 1998) Four years after the World Bank-financed Pak Mun dam in Thailand began operating, the World Bank has released a report admitting that compensation for lost fishing income and resettlement planning was poorly handled and inadequate. But the report, prepared by Warren Van Wicklin III of the World Bank’s operations evaluation department, also says that the people who were compensated complain too much.

Crisis, What Crisis?

(September 15, 1998) Not even the economic crisis sweeping Asia can shake the World Bank’s commitment to the Nam Theun 2 hydro dam in Lao PDR. The dam’s developers have no customers for the power and no commercial lenders willing to risk their capital on the US$1.3-billion venture.

Many work to save Mekong dolphins

(June 15, 1998) Once upon a time, a beautiful maiden forced by her parents to marry a slimy python leapt into the Mekong River. But her suicide bid failed. She was transformed into a dolphin.  Only the aging still relate this legend, and only they remember the days when thousands of these creatures with a square, human-like face and perpetual smile plied Cambodia’s waters.

Big cracks stall Laos dam project

(June 14, 1998) The Australian construction firm, Transfield, is confronting a dilemma familiar to many companies operating in Asia: should it weather the current economic crisis, or get out. The "out" option must be looking highly preferable for Transfield as it views the massive dam project it is involved with in central Laos.