Category: Mekong Utility Watch

Development-Indochina: recession puts brakes on megaprojects

(April 16, 1999) At a recent symposium on the ‘Comprehensive Development of the Greater Mekong Subregion’ here, representatives mostly from the private sector, government and regional funding agencies complained that the Asian economic crisis had further put off chances of rapid growth for the Mekong Basin.

Thai villagers occupy dam site, make demands

(April 1, 1999) More than 5,000 villagers have set up camp at the Pak Mun Dam site on the Mun River in Thailand and are demanding compensation from the Thai government and the World Bank for their losses due to development projects. The eight groups of villagers have been affected by various development projects, including six dams which have depleted fisheries, in northeast Thailand.

What Thai citizens should know about Canada’s nuclear power program

(February 1, 1999) Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) wants to sell a CANDU (Canadian Deuterium Uranium) reactor to Thailand. Atomic Energy of Canada Limited has not had a single order for a CANDU reactor in Canada since 1982, but in the last decade, AECL has sold four reactors to South Korea, two to China, and two to Romania. Now it is hoping for additional sales to these countries, as well as to Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam. AECL’s sales are taxpayer financed through the Export Development Corporation, a federal Crown corporation. 

Full-power PR

(November 29, 1998) As many developed countries close down their nuclear power plants, nuclear industry sales teams are turning to the Asia Pacific to hock their wares. Using a variety of public relations tactics, biased information is being presented to the Thai people, particularly in the provinces where the plants will likely be located.