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Canada’s Executive Director to ADB responds to Probe International, Re:Samut Prakam Wastewater Plant

(December 7, 2000) Thank you for your fax letter dated 1 December 2000 (received here on 4 December due to the intervening weekend and time difference) concerning the Samut Prakam Wastewater Management Project in Thailand. Your interest in and attention to this ADB project are sincerely appreciated. As the Executive Director for Canada at the ADB, you can be assured that I take very seriously the allegations that you as a Canadian NGO have raised in your letter concerning this project.

Letter to ADB urging investigation into Samut Prakarn Wastewater Management Project

(December 1, 2000) I am writing to urge you, as the ADB Executive Director for Canada, to immediately suspend loan disbursements to the Samut Prakarn astewater Management Project in Thailand and launch an inspection panel investigation into the violation of ADB policies, the contravention of Thai law, and allegations of corruption in connection with the project.