Category: Foreign Aid

Federal support of exports: too secretive

(June 8, 2001) The Access to Information Act should apply to the Export Development Corporation – Montreal’s Métro newspaper quotes Probe International. The government makes "excessive and unreasonable" use of certain clauses in the Access to Information Act in order to "protect the corporations it awards contracts to," says Probe International (PI) in a document submitted to a federal task force established to review the Access to Information Act.


Government Secrecy Threatens Canadian Democracy

(June 1, 2001) Probe International argues that the Canadian government’s growing predilection for secrecy is alarming. Probe recommends that the disclosure of information on public interest grounds should prevail over corporate interests.

Letter to ADB urging investigation into Samut Prakarn Wastewater Management Project

(December 1, 2000) I am writing to urge you, as the ADB Executive Director for Canada, to immediately suspend loan disbursements to the Samut Prakarn astewater Management Project in Thailand and launch an inspection panel investigation into the violation of ADB policies, the contravention of Thai law, and allegations of corruption in connection with the project.