Category: Foreign Aid

UK calls for world rethink on trade politics

(July 8, 2004) A senior United Nations economic adviser has suggested that impoverished African countries should refuse to pay foreign debt worth tens of billions of dollars.


Ban corrupt firms, urges Manuel

(June 4, 2004) Companies that pay bribes to African officials should be named and shamed," and banned from participating in further contracts on the continent, finance minister Trevor Manuel has urged.

Hard currency

The duplication, waste and inefficiencies of the worldwide aid business are largely a consequence of unilateralism – that is, of the unwillingness of many donor countries . . . to coordinate development projects within the countries they aid

Haiti’s debt of independence

(March 5, 2004) A fight for leadership in the Caribbean nation of Haiti has plunged the Western hemisphere’s poorest country into further turmoil. The only nation in history to successfully overthrow enslavement, Haiti may also have been one of the developing world’s first heavily indebted countries.

Debt and reparations

(February 1, 2004) In addressing Africa’s struggle for relief from its onerous external debt, advocates of global justice have raised a critical question: Who owes whom? Millions of people on the continent and throughout the world have concluded that it is the countries of the Global North that are heavily indebted to African countries for over a century of exploitation.