Category: Campaign Letters

Spring 1994 Campaign Letter

Because of Probe International’s work to stop the Three Gorges dam, Dai Qing, China’s foremost female journalist, asked us to publish the English-language version of Yangtze! Yangtze!, a remarkable book that rallied public opposition to what threatens to become the world’s largest and most harmful dam, and led to her 10-month imprisonment.

1992 Campaign Letter

Jointly with the Crees, we successfully prosecuted the Canadian government, Hydro-Québec, and Canadian engineering companies for their threats to James Bay and China’s Three Gorges. Now, we must ensure that these parties comply with the verdict of the International Water Tribunal.

October 1991 Campaign Letter

I am extremely proud of our efforts over the past 10 years to reform the World Bank, CIDA, and other international financial agencies. Many of our supporters – and you may be among them – have been writing letters to these institutions, and we have had our share of successes. Environmentally disastrous projects in the Amazon, in Africa, in Thailand, and in China have either been canceled or postponed because of thousands of letters from `those Canadians`.

1991 Campaign Letter

For years ago, Canadian government officials went to Thailand and – according to documents we obtained through Access to Information laws – made a secret deal with the Tai government: Let Canadian taxpayers give you a free food irradiator, using foreign aid funds, the officials said, and we will promise to import your irradiated food into Canada.

1990 Campaign Letter

Most Canadians haven’t heard of the Three Gorges Dam in China, but in all likelihood this proposed dam on the Yangstze River will soon become a household term, not through praise and the largest dam in the world, but due to the notoriety and disgrace it could bring Canada. We have been loved and admired by the Chinese since the days of Dr. Norman Bethune, but that admiration could turn to contempt if the Three Gorges dam is built.