Category: Campaign Letters

October 2010 Campaign Letter

(October 13, 2010) On October 26, a very important bill will come before the House of Commons for third reading. If Bill C-300 is voted into law, it will, for the first time, hold Canadian mining companies accountable for the environmental and human rights abuses caused by their mines in developing countries.

October 2009 Campaign Letter

Probe International initiates a campaign to make Stanley Marshall and the Newfoundland-based Fortis Inc. accountable to the people of Belize and stakeholders in Canada regarding the pollution spewing down the Macal river from the Fortis-owned Chalillo dam.

Read the letter and take action.

May 2005 Campaign Letter

If there’s a silver lining to the war in Iraq, it is this: The arms merchants who supplied Saddam Hussein’s military machine will not be repaid. The foreign financiers who financed Saddam Hussein’s undemocratic regime will not be repaid. The foreign multinationals who bribed Saddam’s cronies to secure oil concessions in Iraq will lose these concessions.