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  1. I have been waiting for an intelligent explanation of how/why hedge fund owners are rewarded with ‘preferred creditor status,’ along with a 15% tax rate and what seems to be a tacit understanding that if banks have gambling problems with derivatives, it would be legal (only by passage of laws) to take/use taxpayers money, interest-free?
    Same for the secrecy of back-doors deals, to skirt constitutional laws and the rule of law, so corporations can force taxpayers to be stripped like ATMs to cover their own normal business costs.
    Of course, with all the corporate welfare that has gone on for decades (Canada alone has use taxpayer money to the tune of 695 billion since the 70’s and gotten nothing of tangible value).
    Not to mention, corporations receiving low tax rates to be matched with asinine tax cuts (almost yearly)…..

    .Even now, its as though the demands are out of sync as a majority of corporations are found lazily speculating with their own stocks, instead of producing products and thus economic growth on all expected fronts….(jobs for instance).
    Nothing outlined here is feasible and so the depth of betrayal and secrecy against the very populations, who bailed out these thieves, back in 2008 when a global crisis only hurt the victims and left the perpetrators to offend at will, seems far worse than any terrorist group as not one fuse was even lit….Comments….

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