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Green Beanery, based in downtown Toronto, is the social enterprise arm of Probe International. Green Beanery provides small coffee farmers around the world, specializing in niche coffees with characteristics as distinctive and extraordinary as their local ecology, access to new markets. Instead of being forced to shift to mass-market crops, these small farmers are able to continue planting traditional varieties that help to maintain genetic diversity in the world’s store of coffee. Green Beanery customers benefit too by being able to choose from North America’s largest selection of roasted and unroasted coffee beans. All profits from Green Beanery’s operations support the work of Probe International.

Latest News

ChinCoffee plantation. (Sun Shan, 2015) a’s remarkable coffee

By Sun Shan for Probe International

Green Beanery, our coffee business and the social enterprise arm of Probe International, introduced coffee from China to our inventory last month. Supplied by the Xinzhai Coffee Co-op, this close-range look provides a fascinating snapshot of the growers behind our Yunnan Coffee selection – China’s first crop of farming entrepreneurs. Read on