The West mimics Mao

Takes a Green Leap Forward.

The green scramble to transform energy is reminiscent of China’s forced industrialization, says Helen Raleigh for The Wall Street Journal.

Writes Raleigh:

Like Mao, today’s advocates for the green-energy revolution have become impatient with the slow progress made by renewable energy. … [but] Rather than gradually phasing out fossil fuels while investing in renewable energy research and development, Western green-energy revolutionaries have launched their own version of the Great Leap Forward in Europe and the U.S. Today’s greens operate in a democratic system unlike Mao, but they have resorted to government coercion to replace fossil fuels (and nuclear power) with renewables on an aggressive deadline.

Western greens, she says, are failing to heed an essential lesson from Mao’s catastrophic plan to industrialize China and modernize its economy. That lesson? 

“… catastrophic failures inevitably follow from politicians’ insistence on ignoring reason, logic, truth and economics.”

Read Helen Raleigh’s full commentary at the publisher’s website here


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