China Energy Industry

China to boost coal output, not reduce

China’s central government approves hundreds of new coal mining projects and expansions to existing mines after its coal output reached a record high last year.

Reuters, March 5, 2022

China will boost the production of more modern coal mines and enhance coal reserve capacity, and aims to increase the government-deployable storage to 5% of local consumption, the country’s state economic planner said on Saturday.

The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) also said in a statement during the annual parliament gathering that it will guarantee coal transportation and further improve coal pricing mechanisms.

The promises follow the central government’s approval of hundreds of new coal mining projects and output expansions at existing mines since the second half of 2021 after tight fuel supplies last year caused a nationwide power shortage that slowed industrial activity.

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In her report, China’s Energy Dream, released last year, Probe International’s Patricia Adams highlighted the importance of fossil fuels to preserving Communist Party rule. China would not be decoupling from fossil fuels, she said, despite all the talk about “real action” on CO2 reductions at the COP26 climate talks held in Glasgow in late 2021.

See here for more on this.

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