China "Going Out"

Will Xi Jinping’s ‘End of Days’ plunge China and the world into war?

There is good reason for nervousness. Gordon G. Chang, lawyer and author of “The Coming Collapse of China” maps out the various internal problems that thwart China’s Xi Jinping: namely, domestic enemies.

By Gordon G. Chang, Gatestone Institute, February 16, 2022

At the root of Xi’s struggle is the country’s debt crisis, observes Chang, which “is so serious it can bring down China’s economy—and the financial and political systems with it.” 

Xi has enjoyed immunity from criticism in the past thanks to the closed ranks of the Communist Party’s top officials but the recent years have caused some senior leaders to voice their discontent, writes Chang.

Using the pseudonym “Fang Zhou” (meaning “ark”), an anti-Xi essay titled, “An Objective Evaluation of Xi Jinping,” was posted online mid-January to the China-sponsored 6park site, mapping out a comprehensive list of criticisms levied at China’s leader. Ark is believed to be a group effort: a CCP faction led by former leader Jiang Zemin. 

The essay charges Xi with moving China backwards and accomplishing little. That Party elites are emboldened to take their grievances public signals to Xi that he “is in the fight of his life,” says Chang.

To deflect from his own woes, Xi is likely to lash out, Chang warns, and the target is the United States.

Writes Chang:

“The Communist Party has always believed its struggle with the United States is existential….Virulent anti-Americanism suggests Xi Jinping is establishing a justification to strike America.”

The clue, says Chang, is the established practice of using Chinese media to warn and signal the regime’s actions first. And the warning, he declares, has been signalled.

Read the original text at the publisher’s website here.


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