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A city comes to life

Tianshui is the second-largest city in China’s northwestern Gansu Province. Less severely impacted by COVID-19 than other areas, Tianshui is beginning to find its pulse as restrictions lift and the colours and quickening step of spring brightens warmer days. This gallery of recovery snapshots captures one city’s return to a new (but different) normal.

Said to be the hometown of one of the three wise kings from the beginning of the dynastic period, the city of Tianshui is rooted in ancient Chinese culture, including historical relics and written history spanning thousands of years. Home to more than 3.5 million, modern Tianshui is the second-largest city in northwestern Gansu Province and can be seen here, in the softening days of spring, resuming the business of life again.

The following photographs were taken between March 21 and April 14 by a journalist who calls Tianshui their home. (Name withheld for reasons of safety).



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  1. Can you report on the project that Janine Benyus and HOK were doing in Lang Fang, a different part of China, I know, but a part toxified by agriculture and at risk of losing its ancient aquifer. I hope you can find out more than I could with a lengthy search that did not turn up much. Cheers for your work.

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