China "Going Out"

Canada should partner with Taiwan on COVID-19 and distance itself from Beijing, expert says

Partner with like-minded countries to counter CCP aggression.

Shane Miller | The Epoch Times

To combat COVID-19, Canada should follow the example of the United States and the European Union and partner with Taiwan, while further distancing itself from China, says Marcus Kolga, senior fellow with the Macdonald-Laurier Institute.

“Taiwan is a fiercely democratic and transparent nation that can be trusted, and was among the most effective in combating this pandemic,” Kolga told The Epoch Times.

In contrast, he says, “the Chinese government has lied, deflected, and created a mountain of fake information about [COVID-19] to avoid any responsibility for their negligence in enabling the initial outbreak.”

The United States recently announced that it is partnering with Taiwan—which, despite being next door to China, has very few cases of COVID-19—to collaborate on measures to combat the pandemic.


Shane Miller is a researcher for Probe International and freelance contributor to The Epoch Times.

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