By Probe International

No sunshine needed: EDC’s response to our request for transparency

Export Development Canada responds to Probe International’s inquiry regarding allegations of bribery related to its support of SNC-Lavalin’s Matala Dam project in Angola. Not a reassuring read. According to EDC, we the public will just have to trust them to ensure corrupt practices are not part of their operations. The findings of their investigation by an outside legal counsel will not be released, nor a forensic audit conducted.

The news that Export Development Canada planned to investigate allegations that its support of SNC-Lavalin’s Matala Dam project in Angola was used to pay bribes prompted Probe International to send a letter to Benoit Daignault, the President and CEO of Export Development Canada, asking, among other things: would the investigation be expanded to other SNC-Lavalin contracts supported by EDC to include the past 25 years and the Crown agency’s some $4.7 billion in loans and financial support to the engineering giant?

Jessica Hertzog-Grenier, the Director of EDC’s Stakeholder Engagement and Executive Outreach, replied.

Read her response in full here:

190424_ProbeInternational_Response (1)

Read Probe International’s letter to EDC here:

B Daignault re SNC-Lavalin April 10 2019

Further Reading

SNC-Lavalin insider’s bribery allegations spark probe by Crown agency that loaned the firm billions




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