Privacy in a big data world

For some optimism on the subject, listen to Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Ontario’s former information and privacy commissioner, discuss her view of the win-win relationship privacy, security and data analytics will enjoy in the future during a recent appearance on TVO’s The Agenda.

Although, even Dr. Cavoukian agrees the current moment is a David vs. Goliath scenario with surveillance on the rise, “we can reverse that,” she assures host, Steve Paikin.

Dr. Cavoukian believes privacy and security, and privacy and data analytics, need not be enemies: “I don’t want to kill Goliath. I want to embrace him in a dance,” she declares. “Artificial intelligence is going to result in amazing new creations and discoveries that we can’t even imagine. So wouldn’t it be great if we can just make sure that we can embed into the algorithms used the privacy-protective measures we need to keep our data private and secure, but still enable the functionality that could arise. We want win-win, we don’t want zero-sum, either/or propositions … That’s so yesterday.”

Continue to TVO’s website to view the full discussion here

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