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Vietnam, Laos cooperate in building hydro-electric power plant

(February 12, 2011) Vietnam and Laos have signed a project on building two hydro-electric power plants, namely Xekaman 1 and Xekamn Xanxay in the Lao province of Attapeu, about 75km from Vietnam.

Under the project signed in Vientiane on February 10, the plants will be built at an estimated cost of US$441.6 million. Once completed in 2015, the plants will have a combined capacity of 322MW, 20 percent of which will be used to supply electricity in Laos and the remaining 80 percent will be exported to Vietnam.

The project is part of an energy cooperation programme between the Vietnamese and Lao governments. The programme is of great economic, political and cultural significance, as well as plays a vital role in providing electricity to the two countries.

Vietnam Business News, February 12, 2011

Read the original article here [PDFver here]

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