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New bath cities and ski resorts are banned in Beijing to save water

(October 1, 2010) To tackle the city’s water shortage, the Beijing government has launched a new measure on water use regulations that forbids high water usage industries, like bath cities, ski resorts and golf courses, from start new branches, the Beijing news reports.

According to the measure, both expanding industries and existing companies that use more than 5000 cubic meters of water per month should take measures to save water. They should measure the usage of water in categories to control the amount used and install long distance data sending systems to report water usage to the water saving management department every month. Those who do not install such equipment or don’t report their water usage will be punished at least 10 thousand yuan and at most 100 thousand yuan.

The measure also declares that recycled water should be used for municipal purposes, golf courses and car washes in all the areas covered by tunnels. All car washes inside ring 5 are required to use recycled water and anyone who disobeys the regulation will pay a fine of 10,000 yuan.

If a house is to be demolished, the demolition company should sign a Stop Water Supply Agreement with the water supply company and clarify the water saving responsibility on the demolition site.

The water supply company should shut down the necessary water channels. Anyone who causes water to be wasted will be fined the fee of the wasted water and then an additional fine that is 3 to 15 times the former fee., October 1, 2010

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