Beijing Water

Thirsts quenched in water supply record

Wang Jing
China Daily
July 7, 2010

As much as 2.86 million cubic meters of water, virtually the pipe limit, was pumped into Beijing on Monday, the largest single-day usage since tap water was brought into operation in 1910.

According to the Beijing Waterworks Group – a state-owned company that supplies tap water – recent hot days have brought about a huge demand for water. Statistics show that the peak time of water supply on Monday was between 9 am and 10 am, with 164,800 cubic meters of water supplied.

Cheng Jing, director of the Beijing Water Authority, told Beijing Evening News they are considering placing limits on some businesses.

The Beijing Waterworks Group wants to remind residents to conserve water and asks some businesses, such as gardening and vehicle cleaning business, to control their water usage.

Miyun reservoir, considered a vital surface water source of drinking water for the city, held 940 million cubic meters at 8 am on Tuesday. This is 240 million cubic meters less than the same period last year.

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