Beijing Water

Power use peaks

Dai Tian
Global Times
Wednesday, July 7, 2010

According to the Beijing Electric Power Company, demand for electricity at 3:51 pm on Monday rocketed to 14.354 million kilowatts, setting a new record for the Beijing power grid. An official from the company said that electricity for cooling accounted for 35 percent. Preparations to ensure the security of Beijing’s electricity supply are in effect.

Based on recent local weather forecasts, the Beijing Electric Power Company predicts that the maximum load will keep climbing, and that the “real” maximum load for the local power grid this summer will reach 15.7 million kilowatts.

Monday’s water demand also hit a 100-year high, reaching 2.86 million cubic meters and approaching the limit of the water supply’s capacity. The Beijing Evening News reported Tuesday that Cheng Jing, director of the Beijing Water Authority, said that they are considering water rationing for some industries.

Beijing has suffered a water shortage for 10 years, and while reports show that rainfall increased this year, the water level in Miyun Reservoir dropped in comparison with previous years, according to statistics from Beijing Water Holdings Limited. “One third of the water supplied by the piped network is from Hebei Province. Every drop is precious, and we hope our citizens may cherish it when using it,” one official from the municipal-level Water Holdings Limited told the press.

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