The betrayal of Haiti

Gerald Caplan
Globe and Mail
January 22, 2010

Beyond the recent earthquake, there is another crisis at the heart of Haiti. Author Gerald Caplan calls the island state the perfect Caribbean example of a historic collusion between despots and Western donors, overseen by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, to “enrich themselves at the expense of the people”.

What a grand old party it’s going to be Monday when all those countries and financial institutions that have forever plundered, exploited and impoverished Haiti will gather in Montreal at the invitation of the government of Canada to decide its future. Of course there will be a few new faces at the table – Brazil, maybe even a couple of Haiti’s neighbours, though I’m not sure Cuba or Venezuela are invited. And who knows? Some Haitians may even come along.

The original story is published here. [PDFver here]

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