Dams and Earthquakes

Heavy Rains Create Mudslides and Mine Flooding in China

(July 25, 2009) A major rainstorm swept through central Hunan Province yesterday killing at least 14 people and forcing another 30,000 from their homes.

Muddy flood water, sometimes as high as three meters, washed through the streets and houses in several counties in the province. One town recorded almost 500mm of rain in three hours.

China’s state-run media says that half a million people are affected.  The heavy rain is continuing and is expected to stay for at least two days.

Meanwhile, flooding and landslides are also plaguing Sichuan Province. The heaviest rain since 1955 has fallen in Miyi county causing mudslides there. 22 people were killed, and seven are still missing.

There are also fears that the earthquake that struck Sichuan Province in May last year may have severely weakened the steep slopes that front the fertile Sichuan plains. With more rain these hillsides could collapse creating further misery for a province still rebuilding after the devastating quake that hit back in May 2008.

[video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8yjTe5Yo-s%5D

NDTV, July 25, 2009

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