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Whistleblowers flood China’s anti-corruption hotline

(June 30, 2009) Anti-corruption hotline in China so popular with citizens that it received more than 11,000 calls in its first week.

China’s newly-launched anti-corruption hotline has received more than 11,000 calls to report or inquire about job-related crimes and alleged corruption among government officials, only one week after the phone number was made public nationwide.

Approximately 6,000 more whistleblowers also poured in to report or look into cases of alleged abuse at, the website that supports the confidential 24-hour unitary hotline 12309, Tuesday’s China Daily reported. Both the website and the hotline were rolled out simultaneously by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate (SPP) on June 22.

Insiders familiar with government corruption said the introduction of both the website and hotline marks a new stance by the State government in welcoming the public to play a part in ferreting out government corruption and to promote the development of a watchdog public.

“Statistics shows 80 percent of all cases investigated by procuratorates in China have been tipped through clues,” said He Yan’an, a spokesman for the SPP.

Rather than writing in or visiting procuratorates in person, people can now tip off alleged crimes by government officials by talking to hotline operators, leaving voice messages or faxing the hotline.

However, Fang Yao, a lawyer familiar with the procuratorate system said the new whistleblower channels “may also lead to information explosion for procuratorates, whose handling capacities and communication facilities may be challenged.”

Xinhua, June 30, 2009

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