Foreign Aid

Moyo’s “Dead Aid” is dead on

Probe International
April 22, 2009

Through our Odious Debts Online news service, Probe International has long critiqued and reported on the failures of the international multi-billion-dollar aid industry to help the world’s poorest countries develop, instead creating a cycle of dependency and stagnation.

Economist Dambisa Moyo in Dead Aid comes to the same conclusion in her presentation of ‘why aid is not working and how there is a better way for Africa.’

A former global economist at Goldman Sachs, Moyo argues:

“A constant stream of ‘free’ money is a perfect way to keep an inefficient or simply bad government in power. As aid flows in, there is nothing more for the government to do — it doesn’t need to raise taxes, and as long as it pays the army, it doesn’t have to take account of its disgruntled citizens. No matter that its citizens are disenfranchised (as with no taxation there can be no representation). All the government really needs to do is to court and cater to its foreign donors to stay in power.”

Those of us at Probe International couldn’t agree more, which is why we look forward to reviewing Dead Aid (chapter by chapter) in upcoming issues of Odious Debts Online. Stay tuned!

Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working And How There Is A Better Way For Africa
Dambisa Moyo
Distributed in Canada by Douglas & McIntyre Ltd. (published in the U.S. by Farrar, Straus and Giroux) [PDF]

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